We were approached by Thunder Down Country to do a comic book style music video for Mayday Parade’s “Oh Well, Oh Well.” Working with hundreds of custom illustrations by Brazilian-based artist Kako, the team of motion designers at Spacejunk worked to bring the story to life in over 130 shots. Color and effects were added to the 2.5D compositions to complete the animation process. The resulting video has appeared on MTV2, MTVU, Fuse, and has been deemed “Buzzworthy” by MTV.



CLIENT: Mayday Parade, Fearless Records / ILG
PRODUCTION: Thunder Down Country
ANIMATION: Spacejunk

  • Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
  • Producers: David Ball, Andrew Schneider
  • Motion Designers: David Ball, Jeff Boddy, Marco Cardenas, Nick Couts, Robb Dierken, Chris Schoenman, Rich Seemueller, Dan Wineland
  • Editor: Mike Nelson
  • Illustrators: Kako, Gil Tokio