Our friends at Magic asked us to help them bring their world of vampires, zombies, and werewolves to life in these animated trailers for Innistrad. This was a dream project for our team and needless to say, we were happy to take a stab at animating the walking dead. Following an approved animatic, we worked to cut, clone, and animate hundreds of layers using 2.5D and 3D camera projection techniques. Our greatest challenge was to add life, action and drama while retaining the integrity of the original paintings.


CLIENT: Wizards of the Coast
ANIMATION: Spacejunk

  • Creative Directors: Jeff Boddy
  • Producer: Andrew Schneider
  • Senior Motion Designer: Nick Couts
  • Motion Designers: Rich Seemueller, Marco Cardenas, Dan Wineland
  • Production Artists: David Allison
  • Editor: Mike Nelson
  • Sound Design: Mike Beaumont, Kurt Keaner
  • Music: Sean Beeson
  • Voiceover: Mike Vaughn