We had the opportunity to animate this Dungeons & Dragons release, which went on to premiere before enthusiastic crowds at PAX East. Our client provided a script, rough storyboard and flattened artwork. Aside from employing 2.5D and 3D camera projection techniques, our team worked with dynamically driven spiders and their fully rigged 3D queen, Lolth, to bring the world of the Underdark to life.


CLIENT: Wizards of the Coast
ANIMATION: Spacejunk

  • Creative Director: Jeff Boddy
  • Producers: Andrew Schneider
  • Production Coordinator: Kayla McIntyre
  • Senior Motion Designers: Nick Couts, Chris Schoenman
  • Motion Designers: Rich Seemueller, John Peterson, Christian Brown, Christian Perez, Casey Hupke, Robin Roepstorff, Isaac Woodby
  • Character Animation: Teresa Swanson
  • Production Artists: Dennis Druso, Nick Huskey, David Allison, Kevin Adams
  • Editor: Mike Nelson
  • Music: Sean Beeson
  • Sound Design: Mike Beaumont, Kurt Keaner
  • Voiceover: Cissy Jones