I’m a freelance motion designer based in Columbus, OH. I’m a quick learner, am primarily self-taught, and enjoy picking up new techniques to add to my repertoire.  I’m equal parts left brain and right brain.  No seriously, I took a test and I am literally equal parts of each.  It makes sense because I enjoy the process of design, but put just as much time into learning how to “make it work”.  The most important thing that I learned in college was HOW to learn– and what an appetite I have for doing so.  I strive each day to fulfill that appetite through work, hobbies and other hands on and (many times) hand crafted activities.

I'm a husband and father to two beautiful ladies who inspire me every day to be better and try harder.

I'm available for freelance -- onsite or remote -- and love meeting like-minded people so please don't hesitate to get ahold of me!